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Ketubah texts are mandatory when you have a Jewish wedding or any other function and therefore you must get one. Always, ensure that the ketubah text that you are choosing for your wedding is good for the function that you are undertaking. The kind of the person that you will choose when having your ketubah design will determine how your ketubah will look like and that is the reason you will have to select the best service provider. If it is a wedding ketubah text, you need to have a groom and a bride. The ketubah text can be written in the language that you want and that is why you should be sure that your service provider can write in the language you want. There is a lot to learn about ketubah text so continue reading.

Ketubah texts are meant for various functions. s a legal document, ketubah text is for various types of functions other than the wedding. Make sure that you crosscheck the message that is written on your ketubah so that you do not have a message that contradicts your ketubah ceremony.

It is an official document. When the ketubah text is being written, you should be very keen because this is a document that will be used for solve various official issues. It’s crucial to understand that when there is a ketubah text, it is enough to solve the issue of properties according to what is written on it.

For ketubah text to be successful, there must be witnesses. The text must have people that will read it and confirm and the sign for it to be accepted. Women are not allowed to sign the document but only the men are the ones that are allowed to sign it. You will only need two men during the signing of the document and you must ensure that they are mature men.

It’s the wife that keeps the ketubah text. the husband should not take the ketubah text but instead the wife who keeps the ketubah with her. The document is what gives the wife protection and that is the reason she should have it with her to ensure that it is not tampered with.

Always, the wide is expected to be in possession of the ketubah for that is what makes them be a family. In case the document gets lost, the wedded couple are not allowed to sleep together as husband and wife and if they want to resume their normal life they must replace the document with urgency. When you get the new document, you must have it signed again and you need to have the correct information like the original one.
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